The 18 Best Short Stories About Cats

There are numerous short stories on cats available that any cat lover might love. We’re convinced you’ll discover at least one short tale regarding cats below that you’ll love to read, ranging from children’s novels to poetry and everything in between.

1. ‘Good-bye to All Cats,’ by P. G. Wodehouse. Wodehouse (1881-1975) was a genius of comical literature, and Weekend Wodehouse, the most significant beginning to Wodehouse’s superbly funny prose, includes this legendary tale from 1934, a gloriously humorous work about Freddie Widgeon’s visit at a farmhouse gone wrong because of cats.

2. ‘The Garden of Stubborn Cats,’ by Italo Calvino. This charming tale has to do with a lady who resides alone, apart from maybe her cats. In this short tale about cats, one lawyer discovers that she is a cat lady.

3. ‘The Black Cat,’ by Edgar Allan Poe. ‘The Black Cat,’ one of Poe’s most chilling tales, features two black cats, one of whom may be a ghostly reincarnation of the first. The story of how an unstable narrator’s rising irritability drove him to injure his black pet cat, with disastrous consequences for everyone, is told by an unstable narrator (not least the cat). To say anything else would be to risk revealing spoilers.

4. ‘Puss in Boots,’ Angela Carter. This is a well-known tale from the 1600s that almost all people are familiar with. Angela Carter’s Puss In Boots is a fantastic tale about cats to read!

5. H.P. Lovecraft’s The Cats of Ulthar. An elderly couple in the town of Ulthar enjoys killing any cats that wander onto their land. The villagers are terrified of them and avoid them, but when a cat belonging to a party of travelers goes missing, they intervene.

6. Saki Jocantha Bessbury’s The Philanthropist and the Happy Cat depicts a happy and cheerful lady. She believes that only her cat, Attab, is more comfortable than she is. Jocantha decides to buy theatrical tickets and give them away to a store girl who couldn’t afford them on her own because she wants to spread joy. In the meantime, the cat continues about his business.

7. ‘The Cat-hood of Maurice,’ by E. Nesbit. After mistreating a cat, a young boy transforms into a cat. This is a story written about a cat, so it had to be included in this collection. This story can be found in Nesbit’s compilation The Magic World.

8. ‘The Cat Who Walked by Himself,’ by Rudyard Kipling. This 1902 short story about cats includes a cat with a strong sense of independence. The cat will not be tamed, and you will love reading about this intrepid feline!

9. ‘The Brazilian Cat,’ by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Picture being confined in a cage with a colossal jaguar, which you are confident would develop a voracious appetite for you pretty soon. This is the setting for the gifted writer and author of Sherlock Holmes’s nail-biting story. The tale is one of many favorites featured in the inexpensive Tales of Unease anthology (Tales of Mystery & The Supernatural).

10. ‘Space-Time for Springers,’ by Fritz Leiber. Leiber, a pioneering SF and fantasy novelist from 1910 to 1992, was a cat person. He adored them and included them in several of his short writings. Gummitch, a tremendously intelligent “super kitten” with an IQ of 160 and enormous goals, is the protagonist of this classic cat fable.

Have you ever considered that your cat is sitting there thinking about how much brighter it is than you and how it might rule the world if it could only talk? This is a tale that will blend well with you.

11. Laura E. Richards’ Patient Cat. A spotted cat discovers an empty nest. It chooses to wait and observe it for a time. There are two eggs in it the following week. They’re good, but they’d be even better if they were female.

12. Stephen King’s The Cat from Hell. Halston, a hitman, meets with an older adult in a wheelchair who appears to be unwell. The man acquired his name from a trustworthy intermediary. He has a subject he needs to get rid of. Surprisingly, the target is also present in the room.

13. Ernest Hemingway’s Cat in the Rain. In Italy, an American couple is on vacation. The wife notices a cat crouched under a table when she looks out the window during the rain. She wants to go down and bring it in because it’s raining outside.

14. ‘Schrödinger’s Cat,’ by Ursula Le Guin’. Schrödinger’s Cat,’ by one of science fiction and fantasy’s most highly regarded writers, is a peculiar and at times frustrating story – postmodern in several ways – that deals with that which engrossed Joseph Conrad: the fact of our beliefs about the universe, and the connection in both language or stories and ‘the real.’

The story is named after the classic hypothetical example aimed to illustrate theoretical physics – the cat in the box may be dead or alive, and you must act as if it is both dead and live before you open the box – and, indeed, the narrative climaxes with such a supposition about an actual cat in a box.

15. Anton Chekhov’s Incident. Two children are sleepy and uninterested one day until they learn that the cat has kittens. The children’s attention is drawn to the kittens, and they lose interest in their regular activities. The rest of the family is unconcerned about it.

16. Roald Dahl’s Edward the Conqueror. A woman saves a stray cat who seems to enjoy the piano music she is playing. She eventually believes the cat is the reincarnation of a well-known artist.

17. Banjo Paterson | The Cat. The narrator describes the personality of cats and how they find happiness in life. He compares and contrasts the behavior of a tame and a wild cat.

18. Saki | Tobermory. An attendee at a country house party claims to be able to teach animals to speak. As proof, he introduces Tobermory, the host’s cat, who continues to humiliate the guests by exposing details of private discussions.

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