20 Fascinating Facts About Cats

For thousands of years, cats have enchanted humankind. It is difficult for us humans to overlook the wonder and charm of cats, from the tufts of their ears to the swing of their tails. It’s no surprise that so many of us succumb to the time-waster that is cat videos!

They keep themselves neat, don’t need walks outdoors, and also have a great sleeping schedule, so you won’t feel bad about leaving them unattended while you’re at work. There’s still a lot people don’t know about their feline companions, even for the most devoted pet owners. If you’re looking for some beautiful cat facts to share with your fellow cat lovers, we’ve got your back.

  1. The term “clowder” refers to a group of cats. A male cat is referred to as a tom, a female cat is referred to as a molly or queen, and young cats are referred to as kittens. A litter of kittens is more frequently referred to as a litter. However, they can also be referred to as a “kindle” of kittens.

  2. Cats may be deadly hunters and incredibly cunning; when they walk, their hind paws step almost exactly in the exact location as the front paws did previously, reducing noise and limiting visible trails.

  3. Killing cats was against the law in Egypt. Cats were not only considered an image for Bast, the Goddess of Protection, but they were also incredibly successful at keeping rodents at bay. Killing them was viewed as a civil crime and frequently led to the death sentence. If a family’s cat died in Ancient Egypt, members of the household would shave their brows in grief. Cats were occasionally mummified and interred with their owners in tombs.

  4. Have you ever wondered why catnip induces a trance in cats? The plant comprises multiple chemical components: nepetalactone, which a cat senses using sensors in its mouth and nose.

  5. A cat named “Creme Puff” survived 38 years and three days old, making him the most senior cat ever to live. Creme Puff resided in Austin, Texas, with her owner from August 3, 1967, through August 2005.

  1. Have you ever been puzzled why your kitty buddy would frequently rub up against your face? It is a gesture of friendship, and your cat is communicating that they feel comfortable and secure around you.

  2. This cat truth will absolutely wow you. According to one study, our domestic cats share 95.6 percent of their genetic makeup with tigers. They also exhibit many of the same behaviors, including scent and urine marking, prey tracking, and pouncing.

  3. To keep their fur clean, cats spend a lot of time licking it.

  4. Blackie is the world’s wealthiest cat, according to Guinness World Records. When his wealthy owner passed away, he declined to include his family in his will instead of leaving his seven-million-pound inheritance to Blackie!

  5. We can’t get over that fascinating cat information! Cats exclusively use their meows to communicate with people, not with one another. They only meow to connect with other cats while they are young, to alert their mother.

  1. Despite images of feline merrily drinking milk from plates, research shows that cats are lactose intolerant and thus should shun it completely.

  2. When cats are joyful, they purr, but they also purr when sick, stressed, wounded, or giving birth. Purring may aid in the treatment of dysplasia or osteoporosis, which are more common in dogs. As a result, it’s more likely that cats utilize purring to communicate and cure themselves.

  3. How many of you have questioned what it is about cats that enables them to run at such a rapid pace? They’re digitigrades by nature, which means they walk on their toes, giving cats incredible pouncing skills.

  4. The pet door is said to have been invented by Sir Isaac Newton. which many cats use today to travel outside. Newton’s research at the University of Cambridge was frequently interrupted by his cats scratching at the entrance. So, he hired a carpenter in Cambridge to cut two holes in the door, one for the mother cat and one for her babies! These holes, it appears, can still be observed at the university today.

  5. Unlike your collarbone, which links your body and arms, your cat’s collarbone does not connect anything. “It’s not tied to anything,” explains Laura Seabolt, a veterinarian in Georgia. “It just lingers beneath the skin.” It is due to this unusual characteristic that cats can squeeze through small openings without damaging themselves.

  1. Your cat’s eyes aren’t just the thing that helps them chase down prey; they also have a tremendous sense of smell. “Cats have a 14-fold stronger sense of smell than humans,” says Jim Carlson, DVM, owner and holistic veterinarian of Riverside Animal Clinic & Holistic Center. A cat’s sharpest sense is scent, and they depend on it to recognize people and items; a feline’s sense of smell is 14 times better than a human’s.

  2. Merlin, a black and white cat from the UK, holds the record for the loudest purr by a domestic cat. His purr is 67.8db(A), which is about the same volume as a shower! Most cats purr at a volume of roughly 25 decibels.

  3. If anyone thinks cats can’t do stunts, you’ll be surprised by this cat fact. A cat can perform the most tricks in one minute: 24! Didga performed a variety of actions, including rolling over and jumping a bar while on a skateboard!

  4. Have you ever noticed how cats walk similarly to camels and giraffes? They walk with both right feet first, then both left feet, simultaneously propelling half of their body forward. So far, the only creatures that can walk this path are camels and giraffes.

  5. Stubbs, an orange tabby cat, was the mayor of Talkeetna, a small town in Alaska, for 20 years! He won multiple uncontested elections, and even though he had no legislative power, he was well-liked by both locals and tourists.
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